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For dshow downloads on other sites, including Microsoft's, see the Links page.

DirectShow Wizard for VS.NET 2003   127 KB.   The wizard will help you create Source, Transform and In-place transform filters.  It requires VS.NET 2003 (VC 7.1).  It is based on an earlier version of the wizard included on the CD in Mark Pesce's book on DirectShow.  That wizard is compatible with VS.NET 2002.  See the docs for improvements in TMH's version which include a proper installer and addition of the Source filter type.  It has not been tested with Whidbey (VC8).

DvPlayer (version 0.3) 157 KB zipped.  This program allows you to open a DV camcorder, manipulate the tape with VCR style buttons and has an option to play the video in fullscreen.  The video is always presented in the correct aspect ratio.  It has no record button per the original request I received.  It will also open other capture devices if you de-select the DV Only button which is on by default.  It only grabs the first device available rather than present the user with a list.  The program responds correctly to window resize, loss of device, change of display resolution and recovery from Ctrl+Alt+Del.  Source code is unavailable at this time.

Resizer filter (version 0.1) 7 KB zipped.  A sample filter that resizes RGB media types contributed by Vivek (rep movsd) from the public newsgroups.  Thanks Vivek!  TMH added his standard environment variables to the project and added post build steps to the Release and Debug configs to register the filter.  It shows up in GraphEdit as "RGB Resizer".

Capture Source Filter filter (version 0.1) 86 KB zipped, includes binaries.  A sample source filter that emulates a video capture device contributed by Vivek (rep movsd from the public newsgroups).  Thanks Vivek!  TMH has not tested this filter yet.  Ask questions about this on

Filter Graph Library (version 0.5) 1 MB zipped, includes binaries.  A a small wrapper lib which uses the STL and COM smart pointers to let you build graphs easily.  Contributed by Vivek (rep movsd from the public newsgroups).  Thanks again Vivek!  His comments:  "Included is a lib project, a sample filter and a test application.  The test app is a console app which captures an area of the screen (via the sample filter) and makes an avi out of it.  It lets you choose the video compressor, the audio input to mix and the audio compressor.  The app is very small and the main graph code is only a dozen lines or so.   It demonstrates creating, adding, configuring, enumerating filters  in a graph with the library."  Ask questions about this on

DirectShow SDK Project Files  (version 0.1 for W2K3 SP1 PSDK) 291 KB or DirectShow SDK Project Files (version 0.2 for W2K3 R2 PSDK) 146 KB.  Visual Studio 7 project files for the DirectShow SDK baseclasses and samples.  When dshow was moved to the Windows 2003 SP1 Platform SDK the project files were removed and only makefiles were included.  The project files still work and are available here.  Just copy the appropriate files for the sample you are working on into the corresponding folder in the PSDK.  The R2 version has the project files for x64 integrated and removes the samples that are no longer included in that PSDK.  Thanks to Iain Downs (SP1) and Chris Parsons (R2) for making them available.

Sample class implementing IAMGraphBuilderCallback  (version 0.1)  3 KB.  The IAMGraphBuilderCallback class can be used to remove problematic dshow filters when building a graph with intelligent connect.  This sample does not provide the UI to blacklist filters but will give you a better head start than the information in the documentation.  See the header file for an example of how to use it in your code.  Add your own code to the SelectedFilter or CreatedFilter methods to remove any unwanted filters.

Alternative Dump filter using CBaseRenderer  (version 1.0)  10 KB.  This is an adaption of the Dump filter example which uses CBaseRenderer instead of three separate classes.  It was written to help a poster in the Vista Dshow forum who was having trouble on Windows Mobile which doesn't support the original MSFT sample.  This adaption is based on the Windows 6.1 SDK version of Dump.

WMV Source filter  (version 1.0)  147 KB.  A source filter for WMV files by Vivek.


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