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Welcome to The March Hare's web site.  This site provides information about DirectShow (dshow), Windows Media (WM) and multimedia.   Dshow provides multimedia services in Microsoft Windows.  It is a component of the Windows Platform SDK.  Formerly, it was part of the DirectX (DX) SDK.  Windows Media has its own SDKs (Format, Encoder, Player, DRM) and  uses some dshow components and structures.

MVP logoTMH is a Microsoft MVP.   Thus far, he has received the annual award from October 2002 to the present.  Primarily, the award recognizes his ongoing participation in the Microsoft public forums and newsgroups.  The award does not limit TMH's objective criticism of Microsoft products or technologies.  Nor does it imply any endorsement by Microsoft of TMH's posts or opinions.

TMH is currently busy running his own company and is not available for consulting or private help with dshow.

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